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We now communicate YOUR way!

More and more of us rely on our digital calendars now. For those patients, our office utilizes Lighthouse - a digital confirmation service to help you remember and confirm your appointment date and time.

Our system is automated and allows you to confirm your appointment electronically.


About Lighthouse:

  • Appointment reminders will be via email, text, or phone call. Be sure to let our office know your prefered choice.
  • A courtesy text reminder can be sent an hour prior to your appoinment.
  • Only get the messages you want by responding to the first email.
  • Please take the time to read your email or text so you can respond properly and set your messaging preferences.
  • ALWAYS click one of the links in the email. DO NOT click your email "reply" button to respond.

The system will send an appointment notification and request confirmation.


Confirm your appointment by replying "C" - if you do not reply you will continue to receive messages requesting you to confirm.

Upon replying "C" the system will update our clinic that your appointment has been confirmed.

This system is automated, meaning it does not allow for conversational texting.


For any questions regarding appointment changes or general treatment, please call our clinic at (519) 824 - 5678.

We appreciate how our patients value our time and we value your time equally.

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